Latest Stories

Feb 14, 2024

Caste under the quilt

Dhiren Borisa and Akhil Katyal
A Dalit-Queer critique of Lihaf recovers a world of meaning lost in its translation, reminding us that desirability is shaped by caste.
Dec 21, 2023

Why India’s trans people want horizontal reservation

Mohsina Malik and Ashish Kumar Kataria
Systemic discrimination deprives trans people of education and employment. Horizontal reservation promises a foot in the door.
Dec 13, 2023

Why gay men in India turn to chemsex

Joshua Muyiwa
Lack of support and inclusion within queer communities can drive some gay men seeking intimacy into rooms of drug-fuelled sex.
Nov 18, 2023

How I transformed my body by becoming my own fairy godmother

Aniruddha Mahale
Six months, sobriety, and perseverance — the true story of my transformation, from flab to abs
Nov 16, 2023

100 years of representing same sex intimacy in Hindi literature

Chintan Girish Modi
On the Edge offers a fascinating window into the evolving literary representation of same-sex desire in India.
Nov 7, 2023

How Kinshuk Gupta queers Hindi literature

Chintan Girish Modi
Doctor and writer Kinshuk Gupta on his debut collection of Hindi short stories about queer life in India and challenges of representing LGBTQ+ stories in Hindi publishing
Oct 31, 2023

How Manipur’s ethnic violence ripped a queer friendship apart

Schulu Duo
The collapse of a deep Meitei–Kuki friendship shows how Manipur’s nascent queer movement is fraying, threatening its hard-won gains in the violence-torn Indian state.
Oct 24, 2023

Iqbal Ali on Faith and Relearning History Through Queer Heritage Walks

Jaishree Kumar
Walking between the narrow bylanes of Old Delhi, Iqbal Ali leads queer heritage walks to revisit and rewrite the city’s heritage through a queer lens, and what Indian history owes queer persons.
Oct 17, 2023

The very queer cookery of food in India

Saachi D’Souza
How queer communities in India build and maintain their heritage through food
Oct 10, 2023

A queer coming of age set in 90s India, with a mythological edge

Kinshuk Gupta
A novel exploration of consent, intimacy, love and acceptance in Shastri Akella's dazzling debut The Sea Elephants
Oct 3, 2023

Living and loving in the absence of sex and romance

Priyanka Chakrabarty
Aromantic and asexual people are doubly invisible — both in the cishet and queer worlds.
Aug 17, 2023

Agency and vulnerability of hijra lives in rural Odisha

Chintan Girish Modi
Vaibhav Saria’s book Hijras, Lovers, Brothers, opens a crucial conversation about where hijras live under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.
Aug 2, 2023

The untamed gaze of Fatima Asghar on loss and belonging

Saurabh Sharma
Through the lens of three Muslim-American children, When We Were Sisters sits the poignant intersection of grief, South Asian queer identity, and growing up too soon
Jul 21, 2023

Queer Christians in India cautiously rebuild relationships with their churches

Joshua Muyiwa
Driven away by anti-homosexual stigma, some queer Indian Christians are slowly returning to the fold – helped by some churches’ efforts to make safe spaces for them
Jun 6, 2023

Queer Literature for Children is Changing Minds in India

Chintan Girish Modi
Indian parents and community libraries are turning to queer literature for children to help them be sensitive to varied sexual and gender identities
May 9, 2023

Onir on Strengthening Queer Gaze in Cinema

Anmol Arora
The award-winning director of critically-acclaimed films like “I Am” rejects the cisgender-heteronormative gaze and advocates for queer narratives told by queer people themselves.
Apr 18, 2023


Riddhi Dastidar
In cities like Lucknow and Varanasi, multiple barriers prevent queer women from accessing safe mental healthcare. Some of them turn to their community for comfort.
Jan 30, 2023

Long Shadows in the Sunset

Vijayta Lalwani
With limited support structures, India’s LGBTQIA+ community has to work harder to plan for ageing and infirmity.
Nov 22, 2022

No Place Like Home

Manu Moudgil
Transgender persons in India constantly negotiate their identities with the spaces they grow up in, live in, or move through in search of a home within and outside.

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