Mia Jose


Mia Jose (she/they) is a non-binary illustrator, art director, comics artist and devourer of all things camp and horror. Having been trained as a lawyer, she left her legal career behind in 2022 to pursue her art practice under the name Lines By Jose (@linesbyjose on instagram). Since then, she has worked with various organizations like Hachette, Gaysi Family, Nykaa, Internet Freedom Foundation, Paper Planes and Gender At Work to create visuals for editorials, books, events and campaigns.

Graphic narratives have always been Mia’s way into art and her own identity, and she considers Alison Bechdel, ND Stevenson, Satoshi Kon and Neil Gaiman as spiritual influences in her work. To this end, she has self-published several comics of her own, as well as recently worked as creative director with Qomix, the first comics platform to highlight non-fiction stories aimed at a young adult crowd.

Informed by her identity and roots in Kerala, her work navigates the intersections between gender, queerness and personal narratives. Having always been fascinated by the absurdities of human bodies, she often uses the lens of body horror in her art to question our relationship with our bodies, and how the body subverts our expectations from it.