Nuzhat Nasreen Islam


Nuzhat (she/her) is co-founder of Xomonnoy, an intersectional queer feminist organization based in Assam, India. Nuzhat is also a co-organizer of the Guwahati Pride Walk. She attended her first Guwahati Pride Walk in 2014. Since then she has been trying to create a more queer and trans+ affirmative Assam. Through Xomonnoy, she has helped create the first and only Community Centre for LGBTQIA+ persons in Assam.

Nuzhat is a lawyer and was awarded the College of Arts and Law Masters Scholarship to pursue a masters degree in law at the University of Birmingham. Her focus areas include gender and sexuality, international law, and queer approaches to human rights laws.

Apart from writing about law, she uses her training to provide probono para-legal support and peer counselling for LGBTQIA+ persons.

Nuzhat has been invited as a resource person across India for her work on gender and sexuality. As a person at the intersection of multiple identities, she utilises these opportunities to highlight issues affecting queer and trans+ persons at the margins of religion, geography, language and caste.

Nuzhat is also a K-pop and K-drama fan and likes to indulge in pop-culture to "keep up with gen z". Attending BTS (after they are back from mandatory enlistment) and SHINee concerts are at the top of her bucket list.