Shruti Sunderraman

Deputy Editor

Shruti Sunderraman is a writer, editor, journalist, and multimedia content strategist. She identifies as a woman and uses she/her pronouns. She has spent 10 years in journalism, with bylines in The Guardian, Scroll, Vogue, Verve, The Hindu, Open, Border Movement, The Ladies Finger, Arré and many others. She feels most connected with science, conservation, gender, health, and culture as beats, but sets store in the long-forgotten second half of being “a jack of all trades is a master of none”…“but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

As an editor, she’s worked on long-form narrative features across publications. She has served as the Executive Editor of Current Conservation magazine and as The Swaddle's Associate Managing Editor. Her roles in both organizations involved end-to-end management of production, funding, and personnel.

With All Things Small (that runs she launched an in-app magazine for CRED titled Periscope and produced 121 culture and business-centered editions.

Her poems have been published in Firstpost, The Bombay Review, The Alipore Post, and in print in a TTT anthology. Her ekphrastic poem found its way to a British Museum science exhibit.

She contends that the most potent argument lies in its ability to be conveyed with skillful simplicity. With this principle in mind, at queerbeat, she strives to give the simplest form to deep, meaningful stories of queerness and all that it brings to life.

Any complexity with her own queerness is often resolved by drinking a cup of tea in her garden, quiet introspection, dancing, friendships, and furious reading. Her happy place is a movie theatre. She splits her time between Bombay, Bangalore, and anywhere that promises to welcome her with a bread basket. A summary of her work can be found here, and she is reachable at shrutisunderraman [at] gmail [dot] com.